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When you need Self-Value

I know I should stand in my self-worth, but I still struggle to see the value I am sometimes.

Sound familiar? If you don't know how to define your self-worth, maybe it hasn't been explained the right way for you.

A force tugs at you and says, "you should work harder, earn more, or have something substantial to prove your worth." Perhaps it says: "you ought to be more forgiving, selfless, and flexible." Behind that, like a wall, is a proverbial inner peace and knowing that uses silence to convey "you are enough." Sometimes we don't feel "enough" as much as them badgering voices. Chalk this up to the duality within, anima and animus, the masculine and feminine inside each woman and man.

The masculine is that part that wants to see action, progress, and to check items off a list. The feminine is silent until she makes a demand as subtle as a hurricane.

Balancing these dualities is an art well worth practicing. They are constant forces within you, influenced and impacted by all that is without you. Each aspect has unique triggers, unique needs, and a natural state. If unattended, these parts of us will rip away at our hearts and minds, slowly and steadily bringing our sense of value down.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

What does that say about you if you are constantly tearing yourself down? What else falls apart? I bet most things do. How often do these feelings get to you and cause you to have an unproductive workday, a creative block, or mess up?

The marriage of the inner masculine and feminine brings vision, clarity, and your operating manual. The key to mastery in this is to accept and embrace all of yourself. Remember, productivity is the balance between action and rest when led by vision.

How sensitive to the world or how heavy your heart is will vary daily. When you need to value yourself, remember that you can't have one without the other. The polar opposite of your value is the slump you can fall into when out of balance. You wouldn't recognize that "low value" vibe if you didn't intrinsically know your natural high value.

You choose each day what to consume, subscribe to, what to believe. Which storyline to live out, and what set of rules to play by. I promise if you decide to practice checking in with both the feminine and masculine within you, you will spend more time in the confidence of your full value than in the slums of disbelief.

Rx Practice >

Tune into both sides of your body, one at a time.

Breath into the left side, the feminine, and note how it feels.

Breath into the right side, the masculine, and note how it feels.

You can continue breathing into one side for a few minutes at a time, just getting accustomed to the feeling of being in that energy.

Try to dialogue and connect with each archetype. Speaking a question to one, and silently opening yourself for a response. Or try writing to them one at a time.

You can ask for each of them to remind you of your gifts and strengths.

You can ask them what they need, where do they feel unseen or heard.

**Especially powerful if you turn to this practice the next time you feel you aren't enough.

- Laurën Blūm -


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