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SOMATIC Energy Medicine Sessions

These sessions are here for you to be witnessed, to have someone hold space for you, and help you remember how to honor yourself. Learn more. In-person sessions are available in Anchorage, Ak. 

Work with me 1:1 either à la carte or as a package.  Sessions run from 30 to 90 minutes. Packages can be built as you wish, with lengths of 2 weeks and up. 

Ex) 1 session at start + 1 at end of package + text message support for the length of the package.

À la carte from $65 

Packages start at $300 


Unlock your inner peace and live in the realm where permission doesn't exist. This is about unconditional reverence for your soul. 

LAURËN BLŪM | learn more

Please send all inquiries and messages to

Somatic work is non-invasive, and gentle, and places you in the driver's seat of the entire session. The end goal of this work is for you to have a deeply transformational experience that leaves you different afterward.


Sessions begin with a query or general concern in a specific area of your life. People come to sessions at times when all is beautifully orchestrated, off, or to process trauma. Some come for planting, some for hunting, and some for retrieving what has been lost or misplaced. Each experience has a different flavor, some deeply relaxing and others require an effort on your part.

Free inquiry call to see which session is best for you.

Click here to fill begin with some helpful questions.



Remote energy clearing sessions are gentle, non-invasive, and revitalizing. We allow the body to drop into a state that the nervous system can work itself back to rest and digest. You will experience light sensations in your body and slip into a deep state of relaxation. Afterward, you will feel a deep calm and generally restored. If you want more information read here.

1:1 session $300 


Take a walk on the wild side with this 30-minute master class and meditation to dive into the deep and feminine medicine of Jaguar. Reclaim your personal power, prowess, and passion. Connect with your womb and your creativity. Purchase now for lifetime access including all add-ons and updated materials.

Lifetime Access $30

*You will receive an email after purchase to schedule your session. If you would like to schedule to speak with Laurën before purchase you can schedule a call here.



This is a downloadable guide that is everything you never knew you always needed. Here to support you through the moon cycles.

It explains how the moon cycle influences you and offers tips for supportive herbs, crystals, and rituals. This is your astrology basics- simplified.

 Complete guide ... $60

 Calendar only  ...... $20  

Current Season Magic

Between the mid-seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) we have transitional periods which can feel disruptive. These seasons are palpable, often between holidays, where things feel either too fast or empty and slow. Regardless of what you subscribe to, there are plenty of ways to bring meaning into this season. Make it your own with this gentle guide. *Updated regularly for the current season.



owner | holistic practitioner

I am originally from Alaska, and after extensive travel a few years ago I set base in Brooklyn, NY.  My desire was to bring some essence of the Earth and nature into the hearts of those who felt a sense of separation.  Over the years I have planted roots from coast to coast, major cities between while reaching clients abroad- on nearly every continent. 


~ Story ~


   Raised in the lush and wild coastlines of Alaska/PNW I have deep roots in nature. I merge medical science with quantum physics and wisdom teachings to empower others in their health journey through the balance of medicine and spirituality. My practice is integrated from a combination of my personal experience and several traditions that I have studied over the years such as energy medicine, herbalism, yoga, and North and South Native American Indigenous medicine. My vision is to help others take ownership of their health and create a gratitude culture.

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