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When You Crave Soul in a Spirit Addicted Culture

What Happened? The full moon of 16th of February 2022 is activating the same signature from the moon of the US chart of 4th of July 1776. These events are the first big deal since we have crossed the halfway threshold of a dual retrograde and still within that energy. The Sun and Moon formed a Grand Fixed Cross as well, which carries a theme of resistance to change, highlighting the tension between contrasting energies at play. Which energies are in the game? The illumination and tension of the experience of both the individual (Leo) and the collective (Aquarius). This crossed Taurus in the North Node and Scorpio in the South Node. The influence of Taurus will help you ground into the Earth's energy so you can be embodied. This is simplistic energy but it is sensual, you feel it within your being, and it will assist you with the next step. Scorpio will challenge you to release agreements, contracts, patterns around disempowerment, anything you have internalized that is not true of your original self. This is a big deal for anyone with a lot to hide, be it intentional or not.

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