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2022 MOON GUIDE - Everything you never knew you always needed.

We've all heard about the moon, right? How she is to blame for mood swings, bad behavior, or the tides of the ocean and the menstruation of women.

Maybe you have heard this and not quite understood how it works, or how it truly impacts your life. Are you curious as to how you can harness this incredible force of nature and work with it rather than remain clueless?

I designed this guide for myself, after realizing what specific information was most helpful to have on hand throughout the year. It is the single most helpful resource I have for all things Lunar and even includes some basic but relevant details of the other celestials in our solar system.

Now you can feel empowered and confident about how the moon moves and how it moves you along the way. Use this guide to gain confidence over the Moon cycles and learn more about yourself along the way. This has all the Moon phases, dates, and details you will need to get started!

You can purchase it here!

- Laurën Blūm -


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