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Curious about working with me? Here are some of my most frequently asked questions.

What does an energy session mean/do?

In nature, animals experience the full function of fight or flight. When a gazelle outruns a lion, what does it do?

It looks around, and when it sees that it is safe, it shakes its whole body and continues to graze. It returns to a relaxed state. The Sympathetic Nervous System is also known as the Involuntary Nervous System, and it controls functions such as heart rate, body temperature, and digestion. This system is also responsible for the body's rapid involuntary response to danger, the fight or flight system. Trauma is anything that is not processed by the body, meaning it gets stuck within the system.

Energy clearing sessions are gentle, non-invasive, and revitalizing. In this hour-long session, we allow the body to drop into a state that the nervous system can work itself back to rest and digest. Often held remotely, you will experience light sensations in your body and slip into a deep state of relaxation. Afterward, you will feel a deep calm and generally restored.

Do I have to stop drinking alcohol to work with you?

No, you don't.

Do I have to give up marijuana/ cigarettes/ sugar or anything else?

If you are in an altered state of mind during our session, you are wasting time for both of us. Please be sober/clean when you come to sessions. Working with me is to clean up your body, and consuming these (and other)substances will only slow your progress and make it more difficult for you.

What do you do?

I help people to regain their autonomy. My holistic approach includes looking at several layers together: physical, energetic, spiritual, and psychological. In this process, we balance the nervous system and restore healthy boundaries.

Will I feel anything, will it hurt?

This is non-invasive and gentle work as it is energetic, though some are more sensitive than others. I won't say "you won't feel anything" because that takes something away from you and the validity of your experience. I prefer to say, "you may feel something." If ever you feel uncomfortable or experience pain, simply voice it. To be clear, I don't physically touch or manipulate your body in remote a session. In person session there may be minimal gentle touch, such as reading your pulse, or cradling your head, and using pressure points on the skull, neck, and hands.

Can my partner/spouse/significant other be there for my session?

While it is nice for someone to hold space during your appointment, I am already doing this. Depending on the situation, we can do a couple or group session. Otherwise, it is best for 1:1 sessions to be done in private.

Can you write a prescription for me?

No, I do not give any prescriptions.

Do you need my charts from my doctor?

It is not required, generally, I do not review charts, labs, imaging, etc. If it is relevant we can discuss this, you will know if it is important.

Can I still see my therapist/healer/mentor/other while working with you?

Of course. I encourage you to work with whoever you feel comfortable working with. I also encourage you to honor yourself, and if you are getting too much at once to step back from whoever feels best to step back from.

When I work with you can I disregard my Doctors recommendations?

NO. My work does not override anything your doctor or primary health care provider has instructed for you. This is not meant to replace your current health care, but to compliment it and help you in your healing.

What happens if I slack off for a while?

I will lean in as much as you do, when you push me away I will gently remind you once or twice and then wait for you to engage. If you disengage for too long, or this happens too often, I will terminate our work together.

With this said, I also meet you where you are at. Meaning, if you are really struggling and need me to lead more, I will do so - but you must be able to voice that need.


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