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Let's get you from emotional overwhelm, feeling misunderstood, and unhappy and wounded inner child to autonomy, self-confidence, integrated and happy inner child.


Give me 6 weeks and I’ll show you how to reclaim your personal power and access your genius so you can feel confident to be your authentic self in every area of your life. 

You are living life, running a business for you or someone else and things are okay but beneath the surface, you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.  You know you could do so much more. 

You are seeking something but you are not sure what it is. Your soul has led you here. 

Together we are going to help you reclaim your personal power, connect to your genius, your passion, and express it in the world in a creative way. Together we are going to build the strategy that will allow you to be the true you that you were born to be.

In order to touch on the major issues in the world, we must get to the core of each one and where it exists inside of us.  Lead with our hearts and cultivate a gratitude culture full of people who love themselves.   To create such a world I believe we must start with ourselves, in our own hearts and minds, to be that change. 

We will start by helping you gain clarity over who you are. Then we will set the internal and external environment you need to embody yourself fully and integrate your inner child. 

 Along the way you’ll learn that:

  • You are your own before you are anyone else's. 

  • Your sensitivities are not weaknesses, they are your strengths

  • You are the safest when you stand in your authenticity with an open heart.

  • Traditional “self-help” models no longer work but a unique- soul and identity methodology can and will get results. 

  • Being understood and succeeding in the “real world” is not about healing, it’s about unhealing everything you learned to be and do thinking it would make you loveable and worthy. 


You have subscribed to the wrong storyline, the one that says you won't succeed, be accepted, or be loved just by being you. This "perfect" version of you is always out of reach. Each attempt to be that only reinforces the sense of settling. You feel misunderstood and overwhelmed. Now it is time for you to decide which interests to pursue and which dreams you will bring into being. It is time to embrace, celebrate, and embody your uniqueness. 

It is time to show the world you can lead your own life, own your genius and express it creatively. Allow yourself to undo the conditioning that has brought you to this place, to drop the labels and masks. It is time for you to reclaim your personal power and become the number one authority in your life. It is time to remember how to be you, it is time to Unheal. ​

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this course is perfect for you if...

You have your sights set on making big changes to support yourself.


You understand that in order to grow, you need to invest in yourself. 


You’re open-minded, soulful, and willing to explore your inner world.


You’re ready to lean in to create an impactful motivation for participating in the world.


You’re either at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or have reached a level of success but feel stuck, exhausted, and unfulfilled. 


You are motivated by a strong desire to solve meaningful problems in the world.

this course is not for you if...

You’re looking for a generic coaching program and unwilling to rewire your limiting beliefs to get a different result in your life.


Your goals are driven by profits at the expense of purpose. Things like nature, equity, health, and connection don’t interest you. 


You’re unable to see the value in engaging a highly experienced and extensively trained mentor. 


You don’t want to look at your inner world and psyche or try new things to achieve results. 


You don’t have time to commit to the program and can’t see yourself leaning in to extract maximum value. 

What's included

  • A 6-week course to help you tap into your inner child and build your empowered identity

  • Access to a close-knit, exclusive community who’ll give you the support and guidance you need to grow your business

  • 6 weekly zoom Live teaching and theory group sessions

  • 6 weekly Zoom Q&A group sessions 

  • Lifetime access to the private Empowered Empaths Facebook group 

  • Range of mind body meditations, breathwork, yoga, shamanic dream work, sound and movement practices. ​


What's covered

  • Week  1: Discover who you truly are vs who you think you are  (valued at $997 USD)

    • A look at mother and father wounds and the story you’ve been buying into your whole life 

  • Week  2: Boundaries and why they are vital to your livelihood (valued at $997 USD)

    • Where do you and others begin and end 

  • Week  3: Physical boundaries  (valued at $997 USD)

    • Reclaim your physical safety, for you, inside yourself, and those around you

  • Week  4: Mental boundaries (valued at $997 USD)

    • Create safety in your intellectual world and move from confidence

  • Week  5: Spiritual boundaries (valued at $997 USD)

    • Maintain a sense of peace in your daily life and walk in protection

  • Week  6: Cultivate autonomy and solidarity (valued at $997 USD)

    • Discover what it looks like to be yourself in the world, authentically 

Investment Options

Course only ​ $1,497

Course + 1:1 mentorship $4,000

Payment plans available

*Limited scholarships available

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