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Omphalos School is for rebel souls like you who are paving a new way of being where we are celebrated for what makes us unique, aligned rather than conforming, and burning the mask of “socially appropriate” for uncensored mentorship instead.  


We have FOUR 6-Week segments, a 6-month ceremony, where you will be guided through your deep blockages and emerge with clarity of self, power, and full self-acceptance.  

This is the space for raw, unapologetic, and unbridled truth. 

Build your relationship with yourself on a foundation of balance and your fuck-yes. 

A sacred union between the longings of your soul and rooting them into action. 


An uncensored look at the underpinnings of who you are, and who you have been convinced you are by the world. 

Initiate your original nature

Actuate your hearts desires 

Un-condition your inner child

Does this sound like you, wild rebel?

The biggest problem many of us face is accessing our inner wisdom. We tend to outsource our power and in doing so we push ourselves further from who we are. As human beings, we want to know who we are, who we should be, and how we get there. 


My work is a deeply transformative process that will ask you hard questions and demand honest answers. Through story and mapping the mythic, we will find lost parts of you and where it is they have been hiding. To access this level of personal power, you must experience initiation, a quest, if you will, of truth. This work is part shamanic, part scientific, part ancestral, and very much a bone memory. 

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At Omphalos you’re not getting a step-by-step guide to what you are supposed to be. 

This is for those who fly with their own wings remembering their sovereignty and awakening to their intuitive gifts. For the wild one waiting for the “right time” to unlock their genius and step out as an embodied leader. 

This is  your time

Look at the way the world is changing.


You're becoming your own source of guidance, clarity, and information that far exceeds the impact of mimicking someone else’s predetermined path. 


There has got to be a better way of being human, of being you.

You are here to take part in creating a better world, and open your hands to shape the creations hidden in your heart.


Each Unhealing program includes: 


  • An attunement process that I’ve used in 100+ client sessions

  • Recordings of each live class

  • Tools to use when you hit a limit or energetic block

  • Radical clarity on your most potent and powerful next action

  • Bonus materials to support your journey

  • The ability to be the source of your own answers for anything YOU related

  • Intimate group coaching that is intuitively catered to the organic nature or participants

  • A supportive and spirited group environment to remind you we’re all just learning and doing our best


We feast upon:

  • A new paradigm of finding your way that doesn’t feel like self-help

  • Discovering your monsters so you can run things in your world

  • Blending structure and systems with ceremony and your cycle*, so you can love living life rather than feel it is killing you. 

  • Alchemizing your weaknesses into your superpowers

  • Celebrating your uniqueness and nurturing it by ditching the traditional societal stories. 

  • Explore self-sabotage, and any fears cockblocking you from becoming the author of your old, outdated BS stories holding you back

  • Connecting to your inner voice, vision, and message

  • and so much more…

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Our courses are perfect for you if...

Our courses are not for you if...

You have your sights set on making big changes to support yourself.


You understand that in order to grow, you need to invest in yourself. 


You’re open-minded, soulful, and willing to explore your inner world.


You’re ready to lean in to create an impactful motivation for participating in the world.


You’re either at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or have reached a level of success but feel stuck, exhausted, and unfulfilled. 


You are motivated by a strong desire to solve meaningful problems in the world.

You’re looking for something to pass the time and unwilling to rewire your limiting beliefs to get a different result in your life.


Your goals are driven by profits at the expense of purpose. Things like nature, equity, health, and connection don’t interest you. 


You’re unable to see the value in engaging a highly experienced and extensively trained professional. 


You don’t want to look at your inner world and psyche or try new things to achieve results. 


You don’t have time to commit to the work  and can’t see yourself leaning in to extract maximum value. 


What's covered

  • Clarity:  Who you think you are vs who you truly are. Mother & father wounds. Inner child + needs.  Feel safe and secure in yourself.  Bring all parts of you back. Understand the truth of who you are. 

  • Boundaries: Where do you begin and others end? Unweave yourself from enmeshment with others. Reclaim physical safety within and without. Create safety in your intellectual world. Maintain a sense of peace in your daily life and walk with protection. Discover what it looks like to be yourself in the world, authentically.

  • Power:

  • Mastery:

Investment Options

Course only ​ $1,497

Course + 1:1 mentorship $4,000

Payment plans available

*Limited scholarships available