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Create the inner sanctuary for your true self to emerge


Activating the connection between the self and the body



Nervous system support :: Trauma

Gut oriented nutrition :: Herbal remedies

Energy medicine :: Polarity :: Somatic therapy

 Transitions :: Relationships :: Family

Your physical body and mind are either nurturing life or death. The optimal condition for life is the balance of the nervous system, hormones, pulse waves, and electromagnetic fields.


I assist people to recover their health or improve healing after disease, illness, trauma, or surgeries by harmonizing the nervous system. Those who seek me out either have physical symptoms or struggle with life and are pre-diagnosis or pre-symptomatic.


My technique is gentle and non-invasive. I have found it to be a defining element in physical, mental, and emotional recovery. Whether you battle health issues or personal issues, my method balances your nervous system and sets your internal environment for health and healing. 

What clients are saying

- Samantha J, International #1 Best Selling Author
and Award Winning Entrepreneur, AU


"Lauren is the fresh of breath air you are in desperate need of! If you wish to be guided by a world-leading energy medicine specialist, from your physical to spiritual health, she will restore you back to the knowledge that you are loved, enough, and whole within yourself. Her light-hearted and pragmatic approach to holistic medicine is rare to find in this world. You'll feel both at home, and stretched to be and do more in her space, in the most loving and nurturing way! I would highly recommend Lauren, to anyone needing a safe and sacred space of healing, self-acceptance, understanding of energetic boundaries, and restoring the light-heartedness of their inner child!" 

"Lauren is a powerful healer and I rest in gratitude for her work. Her energy is strong. She has a special gift of seeing and utilizes it to remove energies to be cleared from ones person. Laurën works with an integrity and passion that you see in the best, trained healers. I will recommend her to anyone who is looking to experience a deep shamanic healing and the bliss that follows. Laurën is the real thing."

- Rod K. Nunavut, CA

"Lauren's in-depth understanding of personal development as well as her desire to help you reconnect with your higher self, make her your go-to person on your spiritual journey. She is a true healer and a blessing to everyone that she serves. I highly recommend her services to everyone at any stage of their journey." 

Rita K. Manchester-By-the-Sea, MA

"Lauren is such a beautiful soul, I felt so safe, seen and heard in her presence. She really supported me with a challenging moment I was dealing with and I was able to come out the other side of it quickly and with clarity. Working with you is amazing "

- Kristy Obst. Bali, Indonesia



owner | holistic practitioner

I am originally from Alaska, and after extensive travel a few years ago I set base in Brooklyn, NY.  My desire was to bring some essence of the Earth and nature into the hearts of those who felt a sense of separation.  Over the years I have planted roots from coast to coast, major cities between while reaching clients abroad- on nearly every continent. 


~ Story ~


   Raised in the lush and wild coastlines of Alaska/PNW I have deep roots in nature. I merge medical science with quantum physics and wisdom teachings to empower others in their health journey through the balance of medicine and spirituality. My practice is integrated from a combination of my personal experience and several traditions that I have studied over the years such as energy medicine, herbalism, yoga, and North and South Native American Indigenous medicine. My vision is to help others take ownership of their health and create a gratitude culture.

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