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Let's Go!

Imagine each of us planned in great detail what our experience would be here on Earth. We strategized with others to guide us to our destiny, to remind us of who we are and who we came here to be. To allow our soul to step forward in full self-expression.  Before we embarked into this life we led many lives, and we had a special focus on what to master in this one. Kindly, we left a trail, paw prints that turned to stars in the sky, that we could turn to at any time to get a closer look at the course we set out on. 

These days we have many sources for horoscopes and predictive astrology, nearly all geared at romantic compatibility. Here you will find we look with a different eye, an older lens, we turn to the sky with openness to perceive with an ancient ear and a beginners mind. 


We focus on understanding a map cast the day our soul entered this place. We read and we remember.


These sessions are for those who wish to understand themselves through such a lens. Our time together will be a ceremony of initiation. Blance and exposure at the depth of your fullest self, hidden parts and all.   If the commonplace vegan fortune cookie horoscope-style astrology has never stuck, here we serve meat. 

Get your map

Please send all inquiries and messages to

1-hour sessions $250

We focus on key points in your Natal chart such as

 - Where you are insatiable in life.

 - The wounds that you carried with you and what they need.

 - What you need to let go of or leave behind in this life. 

 - Where you shine.

 - How to nurture your placements to maximize your experience. 

Hour + half session $300

We focus on 1-3 specific interests you have and through that lens we examine

 - Geographic influences in your life.

 - Potential challenges and strengths.

 - How to nurture your placements to maximize your experience. 

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