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the antidote for women to reclaim who they are and follow their hunger

For the woman who wants to turn up and turn on, more depth, pleasure, ease, connection, expression…

A 3-month mentorship with me, 1-1

For the wild one who wants MORE...

From the good girl, obstinate daughter, to the woman who stands in her fullness...

Dropping limitations... bringing your seeds of desire into being...

You are DONE performing

Because you know it's not just about what your life is on paper... it's about how you feel.

It's waking up in love with life each day.

You did not come this far to settle.

You already have external success: intellectual strength, identity, physical health, stability in finance and home life…

You know there is another way, your soul is pulling you for more, that there is another version of you dying to be expressed.

You have reached the point of no return

You are ready to surrender completely to life, magic, and more…

You are hungry for life to support your sovereignty. 

You are devoted to your relationship with yourself for life, not a quick fix or distraction.

You know that to embody your fullness you must rest into your wisdom.

In this mentorship, you'll get:

  • 1 x mentorship video call p/month (we brew magic and create systems for you)

  • 1 x somatic session p/month (to clear trauma/blocks + regulate your nervous system)

  • Voxer access 3 days per week (text and voice messages for regular support, quick clarity and action plans)

  • Use Voxer anytime, Lauren will respond during "business hours" Tues, Wed + Thurs

I use an intuitive blend of my experience as a holistic practitioner with modalities I am certified in including - somatic healing, shamanic energy medicine, yoga, and herbalism.

You enter this space with a desire to see yourself the whole way through. Sometimes it feels scary, and often women feel not ready when they begin. That is when the magic happens ~ when you follow that heart whisper and say yes to your inner knowing. 

My contribution to this space is unrivaled. I will hold strength of passage for your process, and I will keep you accountable to your vision.

You’ll know in your gut that I will hold you to see your lesson through to the end, to see what you need to see. As fiery and intense or soft and hilarious as your transformation requires.

Please read over the details when confirming your purchase. This mentorship is non-refundable + you are committed to pay in full whether you choose to stay and reinvent yourself inside or leave our 1:1 before completion.

***No refunds permitted.*** 


3 months

2 x 1 hour calls per month

 Voxer support 3-days a week



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